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At Pivot Point Enterprises our focus in entirely singular:
To build the business platform for the future for all small and medium sized businesses.

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Become a Beta Testor for the future of business processes management. Be the first to see what the future has in store and be an influencer of great magnitude.

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The New Business Platform Is Here!!

Now open for Beta Use

But don’t let the Beta-part scare you,

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“Your one stop shop business management solution!”

That’s Right:

We Have Built The Business Platform For The Future

We have been scrambling and working hard these past few months to build the business platform for the future. The platform which is designed to help all small and medium sized businesses carry out all their business processes in an easier fashion so that they can perform better and have all relevant documents and information at right their fingertips.

A platform that enables full collaboration and allows for complete ownership, permissions and accessibility allocation.

Important documents, contracts, policies and other pieces of relevant information can be stored securely and retrieved at moments notice provided you have the adequate permissions. Alerts and other follow up notices, including notices and messages from collaborating colleagues add functionality and ensures documents stay up to date and are revised on timely basis.

Everything will be store in the cloud, but secured with bank level and military grade security measures.

Well, we’re please to inform the platform is now open for Beta use. To grab your free account to get started for your business go here.

The platform opened up for Beta use March 7th, 2014. To test out the platform yourself, why not grab a free account.

Yes, We Are In Beta Use – Actually If You Notice, We’re Way Ahead In Beta – And You’re Invited

Don’t let the BETA stage fool you. We are fully function-able already and our platform is already much more advanced and even more powerful than we had even imagined when we initially got the idea for its creation.

So go ahead, sign up and try us out .

And should you get stuck or be unsure about how best to start your business off on the platform, well, then just reach out to us and we will be glad to help you and ensure your success with the platform.

Free Accounts Available – so go sign up to try it out for yourself.

Keep Me Informed Of Important Updates And Cool New Benefits And Features

  • Documents With All Your Notes Together

    Having all of your business contracts, important business documents, business policies, employee policies and each business process you use in your business, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!

  • Contracts With All Your Thoughts

    Securely accessing your employee human resource documents along with all your personal notes at the touch of your finger!

  • Bank Level Security

    With bank level security, having this all possible starting on January 15th, 2014.

  • Manage Your Clients

    Whether a CPA, Lawyer, Coach, Electrician or something else, the Doc&Do platform is an awesome tool for not just managing your business and business processes in general, but also managing your clients. Want to know more about how the platform can help you and your business, please just reach out to us. We’re here to help you.

  • Keep Track Of Your Passwords and Login details

    Tired of scouring through all your files and hiding places to find your login passwords and the like? The Doc&Do can be an invaluable partner for you to have all your passwords with you accessible just for you on all your mobile devices as well as on your desktop, laptop etc. Safe, sound and secure, but there with you all the way. Great solution, when other programs leave you behind when operating systems are upgraded.


All of the relevant documents always within easy reach making it easy to operate your business and fulfill all documentation obligations and all housed on a platform that allows for easy and full collaboration with colleagues. Layers of permissions and modifiable accessibility ensures only the right people have access to the right documents.


Your human resource contracts, leases, business agreements and all other kinds of contracts at your fingertips coupled with your own alerts that will ensure timely revisions, attention and follow ups.


DOC&DO will host all your important documents, so naturally we are taking security matters very, very seriously and have taken every precaution and implemented bank level security all across our platforms and solutions. We are verified by DigiCert every year.

All your data is hosted with Amazon S3 hosting services with amble back up.

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Intrigued about becoming a Beta Testor, but want to know more about what’s involved for you and have some questions before you sign up? Not a problem, just reach out to us with your questions and we will reply as soon as possible.


The Frequently Asked Questions section will be built out continuously as questions arise over time and will be a great source of information that will help you make the most out of your DOC&DO experience.