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Doc&Do Updated For IOS8 Issues

The unique online business platform Doc&Do’s new update to eliminate certain issues in connection with the launch of Apple’s IOS8 was approved early this week   Castle Rock, CO. – October 22, 2014 – Pivot Point Enterprises announced today the update to their app for their online business platform received its approval from Apple Monday […]

Connect With Us On LinkedIn

Astute observers and revisiting readers of our website here at Pivot Point Enterprises may have noticed that on our pages that have a sidebar we have now an icon up for LinkedIn also along with the other social media platform icons that have been there for a while. you can see all the social media […]

Finding Your Stuff Has Never Been Easier – Now That You’ve Got Doc&Do

Has this ever happened to you: You need a document and can’t remember where its located. You contact your secretary to find it. The problem is, your secretary is has only been there 4 months and has never had to find this document before. So now the hunt begins. It can take an hour or […]

Doc&Do As A Bank Loan Compliance Tool And Solution

The Doc&Do Business Management Platform is so versatile, flexible and safe that it has many, many uses and just as many applications. Indeed as an example, we have explored how the platform could be utilized as a great tool and solution for compliance tasks rendering these task much easier to perform with the availability of […]

We Are So Close Now To Official Launch Of Version 1.0

If you have visited our website any time recently, you might have noticed that the progress bar on the front page that shows the progress of our Beta Phase shows a very nice 99%. In other words, we are getting extremely close to officially launch the Doc&Do version 1.0 Now that is exciting cause although […]

Imagine The Freedom When You Can Stay In Full Control Of Your Business Even When You’re On The Move

Imagine The Freedom… Imagine when you can stay on top of everything in your business even though you are on the go, out and about, on vacation or traveling on business. I cannot count the many times I have been away from the office and lacked access to one or more documents or files. Well, […]