We Never Actually Told… But Our Android App Is Available

That’s right. We’re embarrassed because we never actually told you and publicized it to you, that our Android app of the Doc&Do platform is available.

It has in fact been available now for several months. We did mention in a post in June that the Android version app would soon be here, and it was soon there – we just completely omitted giving you the heads up, that now it was.

Big apologies from us.

But know, that if you are using an Android based smartphone, then you can go and get the Doc&Do Android version app and get going with Doc&Do for you business too – now available at your fingertips via your smartphone. So please go ahead and install the app and make use of this unique tool.

Once you get a good understanding of the platform and what it can do for you, you are sure to become a true fan. And once you are a fan, then please go and tell all your friends and connections about it too (we will really appreciate it).


Doc&Do App Is Here For The Android Users and Android Devices

Android Users, Fret Not, Doc&Do App Is Near

We have been very pleased to have had the IOS app up and running for bot iPhones and for iPads for some time now, leaving the Android users waiting – we realize this, but we have had to take one step at a time and ensure that everything runs smoothly and perfectly.

But fret no more. Our Android version is soon here.

In fact we have already supplied our app for approval with Google and are currently just awaiting their confirmation that all is good and that they will make it available for users to download.

We appreciate the patience from our Android users and are happy that they too very soon will be able to handle their business while on the go – from their Android devices.

Just keep your eyes peeled on our website as we will ensure announcement as soon as we know the Android version of Doc&Do is available.

Doc&Do App Is Here For The Android Users and Android Devices