Finding our Stuff Has Never Been Easier Doc&Do Is Here feat

Finding Your Stuff Has Never Been Easier – Now That You’ve Got Doc&Do

Has this ever happened to you: You need a document and can’t remember where its located. You contact your secretary to find it. The problem is, your secretary is has only been there 4 months and has never had to find this document before.

So now the hunt begins.

It can take an hour or even two weeks depending on your organizational structure and how things get done. This costs the company valuable production time and money… and that ends with Doc&Do.

Finding Your Stuff Has Never Been Easier Not That You Have Doc&Do

With our new powerful search you can locate critical documents, processes, and more in seconds. No more having to remember everything about the file or what system or systems it lives in. Doc&Do lets you find crucial information by relevance instead of file names alone.

The best part…you can do this from your tablet or smart phone while you’re on the 9th hole!

Yeah, we may all wish not to be disturbed when we are out on the golf course, on vacation, or just on a break away from work and office, but we have all been there. Out and about and then the phone rings. Minor crisis – need that document now.

Well, for most people, this is still when the fun and enjoyment of your time away from the office is completely ruined and when you would either have to break away and return to the office to fix the situation or if you decide not to, your mood has already taken a beating and now the anxiety of what will happen, now that the document is not found instantly, sets in. So even if you try to complete your golfing or whatever activity you were doing, now your mind keeps bringing you back to the crisis in the office. Not fun at all.

There’s great news, however.

With the Doc&Do you now can fix this type of event. More than likely you too carry around with you your phone, pretty much all the time. And if you are like more and more people your phone is in fact a smart phone. With the Doc&Do app installed on your phone and with your documents and all other relevant files loaded onto your account on the Doc&DO Business Management Platform, now you have instant access to pretty everything from your phone – including when you are at the 9th hole.

The minor crisis at the office can quickly be dealt with. You log into your account on Doc&Do, find the document they need and invite the person who needs it. Done!

It’s that easy.

Yup, that easy and now you can return to your golf and remain relaxed and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that things are in good order and that your absence is not holding back anything back in the office.

Doc&Do Is The Solution For Bank Compliance Challenges feat

Doc&Do As A Bank Loan Compliance Tool And Solution

The Doc&Do Business Management Platform is so versatile, flexible and safe that it has many, many uses and just as many applications.

Indeed as an example, we have explored how the platform could be utilized as a great tool and solution for compliance tasks rendering these task much easier to perform with the availability of Doc&Do. In the little video below we are describing the challenges of certain bank loan compliance obligations.

If you do a search on Google on fines that were dispensed lately to banks for certain violations and breach of some compliance requirements laid upon the banks by legislation and regulations, you will quickly see that these ran in the billions of dollars. That’s right billions with a B.

No doubt, carrying out the necessary work for the banks in order to fulfill all of their obligations in these regards represents a very substantial undertaking and up until now, the banks probably didn’t have much of a tool to do so, except for just a huge amount of manual work combined with pieced together multitudes of platforms and communication tools.

Well, that has been til situation till now.

Doc&Do Is The Solution For Bank Compliance Challenges

We have reviewed the assignment the banks have in terms of bank loan compliance fulfillment and we find that the Doc&Do platform actually presents a very efficient, flexible, powerful and of course, secure tool for fulfilling this task.

Elements such as automated alerts and communications to loan officer and if needed to loan clients in a safe, encrypted and spam-free environment and the storage of not only the loan documents and any relevant documents that the clients need to produce, but also all relevant procedures in one place, help secure uniform, efficient and compliant performance of what is required in a timely fashion, with date stamps and full version and user history. These are but a few of the benefits of just a few of the features the Doc&Do offer that could be useful for the daily bank compliance fulfillment challenges and which would reduce the magnitude of the work.

Certainly, we feel this is quite exciting as we aim to help businesses to become more efficient and have easier operations in daily tasks within the businesses. And since banks tend to be of large magnitudes it means that the help we can bring with Doc&Do is equally large.

At a recent meeting with a major bank, we had the great pleasure to present the Doc&Do platform and our ideas were validated by the bank officers we met with. While this is very, very preliminary and doesn’t present any acceptance or endorsement from any bank to make use of the platform as of yet, we’re excited that the bank in question also found a potential of our platform to entail a possible solution to eliminate some of the pain points they have in connection with their vast work of fulfilling compliance issues and more.

Perhaps Doc&Do is the solution the banks have been missing.

Doc&Do For All Compliance and Corporate Governance Challenges

Here’s some insights to the Doc&Do platform that’s worth noting (long form, see short form further below):

Doc&Do is a Business Management Platform that allows businesses to document all their business processes and collaborate upon among employees, managers and business owners. The platform represents a great tool for safe guarding all business process information and business intellect and eliminates the intellectual property loss when a key employee leaves the business for what ever reason. It provides for a great and super flexible business management tool for daily operations for the employees in the business and an optimal tool for business owners and stake holders to stay in control and have access to relevant information and documents from any smart device, at any time and from where ever the individual may be. Relevant information is also accessible to new hires and helps cut down mistakes and learning curves and secures uniform levels of service and performance throughout the business. Outside partners also become part of the platform with guest or user rights assigned by the administrator of the business’ account in Doc&Do, so that e.g. when tax season comes around the CPA can be invited to relevant sections of the business documents and documentations in order to carry out their tasks with the least disturbance in the daily operation of the business and with the least amount of intrusion for the employees or management. Similarly access can be granted if chosen to relevant areas or specific documents to a business’ lawyers, bank connections or if needed the IRS. Vendors and clients can be invited and managed via the platform, so that for example vendors can supply their invoices to the business and that the business can supply its invoices to clients all via the platform. Doing so reduces the workflow and not least the paper flow and the amount of times each piece of document will have to be handled – as in all the processes relevant to payables, and bookkeeping of same. In other words this goes for inbound as well as for outbound actions and transactions of a business. If used throughout the business, the entire business becomes digitized automatically and the business can in fact eliminate the need for physical paperwork to pile up (as in when the business is required to safe keep the last 7 years of relevant documentation for IRS purposes). Everything is as mentioned encrypted and everything has full history of who did what and when and the Doc&Do platform allows for complete revert of single documents, files or of everything should this be necessary for whatever reason. Over time this ensures that everything is completely documented and this adds dramatically not just to the safety, efficiency and performance of the business, but also to the value of the business in case it’s being sold. By same token due diligence work in a business transaction situation becomes much more speedy, efficient and correct. Many other benefits can be found by utilization of the platform, such as e.g. handling of all quality control processes and handling and much more. The platform is completely industry non-specific and completely flexible, so only imagination sets a limit to how a business can organize itself and what benefits a business can derive from the platform. Likewise, the platform’s flexibility extends fully to how it can handle businesses of any size, making it a perfect fit for the small single location business all the way up to the multi location conglomerate, with possibly even international spread and more. Useful for the small mom-and-pop store to the multinational company, franchise operations and so on.

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Doc&Do the short form:

My business partner in Pivot Point Enterprises affectionately calls the Doc&Do:

Your Portable COO

(Chief Operational Officer)

I call it,

Your Business In Your Pocket

What will you call it?

Doc&Do Makes Your Employees, Customers and Business Smile feat

Your Training Manual Online, Always Updated And Always At Your Fingertips

When you wish your employees knew how to carry out your business, at the right time, all the time, speedily and efficiently

Inviting new hires into your business can be a wonderful experience and can bring a great feel of rejuvenation and some excitement as to what the new hires may bring your business and add to your business results.

But along with it comes the burden of training them in your systems and your procedures. A burden that can often be costly – indeed very costly.

Research has shown that company employee turn over can cost upwards 150% of the employees’ annual salary your thus meaning the total cost of replacement may easily reach $75,000 for a $50,000 annual salary position. Training of new hires alone can easily cost at least about 20% of the annual salary for the position. A hefty extra expense indeed and one that’s too often overlooked as most of the costs are “hidden” and not always too obvious, and this cost doesn’t factor in valuable information and knowledge lost with the employee that left.

Part of the cost is that you probably will have to have one or more of your more seasoned and experienced employees hand hold the new ones and lead them through a period of training. In other words, the seasoned employees’ productivity declines in the time period they need to hand hold and train a new hire, potentially costing you sales and revenues.

While I like and recommend a mentor system in any business, I also know that you can cut the learning period and the training expense down dramatically by utilizing the right tools and implementation.

Your Training Manual OnlineThis is where the business management system Doc&Do comes in. The Doc&Do platform was built with the specific intention that your team documents all your business processes. In other words you document everything you do and how you do it.

The documentation could be set up in step by step form, which can be extremely useful and may be one of the fastest avenues for someone new to your system to carry out a certain process in your business.

My early entrepreneurial experience was in the car rental business. In car rental businesses as in most other businesses there are many processes that makes up a typical day and that is required to make the business work.

Most of the processes when looked upon individually are very simple, but skip too many steps and things will fail. It is the collective and orderly expedition of each step that makes the system and thus the business work.

When you get in a new hire into most businesses all these components and steps can be overwhelming for someone who do not have the experience from elsewhere. And even when the new hire has previous work related experience, likelihood is that your business does a few things different. Some of these things may even be essential to your business and may be part of what sets your business apart from the competition and make your business unique.

In the car rental business we often had at least one experienced employee mentor a new hire and in most cases more than one experienced employee would be required because there were so many facets involved.

Since my car rental days, my experience in business and in business operations has evolved substantially and I have had my involvement in multitudes of businesses and industries since, spanning several countries and even several continents. My take away from this perspective is that most businesses are the same or at least face the same challenges with regards to new hires. They also all have many small steps in their processes that all are required to ensure the right product or service is delivered and thus they all need to solve the challenges of training and ensuring all employees are on board and on the same page.

The bigger the company the more important this becomes and the bigger the expense and costs involved, should they fail.

In addition to this there’s the risk of losing valuable information as a key employee leaves your business for whatever reason. In smaller companies the scare and the threat may be bigger as you face losing incredibly valuable skills and special knowledge as you lose a key employee. If you have run a business or even just have worked in a company for any length of time, then I’m positive you have experienced at least one situation in which you wish you had the insights and knowledge to solve a certain situation that an employee who is no longer with your company mastered.

As I said, for most small to medium sized businesses this looming risk is often greater. Most small to medium sized business are also with limited resources and very often you will see that such a business has a few key employees who are extremely strong in their areas of the business, while perhaps know little of other areas of the business. Such a business can work well, because the sum of all the parts are in place. But take out one part and all of a sudden the business can be seriously crippled. And employees leave, for whatever reason and often when you least expect it.

Most businesses that I have met and been involved in have no system for documenting what they do and what each employee does in their field and by such measures ensuring the knowledge and what I call the company intellect stay with the business regardless of what happens with an individual employee.

The few businesses that I know of who has documented the processes and the knowledge often have unsecured systems for storing such information and what’s more often have that information in places that makes retrieval and thus daily use difficult or completely off the radar from those who really could use it and where it really could improve your business’ results, delivery and your customers’ experience in dealing with you.

All of the above experiences and the pain points represented in the words above that we have seen in so many businesses or even lived ourselves in our businesses or in previous places of work are part of what lies behind my business partner Frank Curtin’s and my visions for creating the Doc&Do Business Management Platform.

We believe we have succeeded far beyond our initial outset and ideas for the platform and now offer a completely unique solution that will help thousands if not millions of businesses and their many, many employees. That’s our vision. That we may in fact help thousands – hopefully millions – of businesses large or small perform better and more efficiently so that results are generated that will help improve the lives of even more and bring about better results in our economies around the world, to the benefit of all.

Your Training Manual Online At Your FingertipsGranted, the Doc&Do is the delivery mechanism for your business knowledge and ‘how to’ processes, meaning you will still need to document the processes or have someone document it.

This may from the outset seem like a big task, but it really isn’t very time consuming at all, especially if one makes use of every employee in the business, so that each employee documents the necessary steps needed to perform the particular processes that each individual handles in your business.

This makes sense too. By following this suggested avenue you will have the individuals’ expertise shine through and draw out each individuals’’ specific specialized knowledge for the benefit for your business. The bookkeeper will document everything pertaining bookkeeping, reporting (both for public offices as well as for internal), your service employees will document what it is they are doing when they do it best and that ensures customer happiness, as will your sales people so you will retain full knowledge of the best ways of handling customer objections and resistance to buying your services or products.

When everybody carries out this documentation, you will get the best of everything that your company does, from the minds of those who know best. On a management level or business owner level, you can then review and adjust where you see fit or to ensure the incorporation of your vision and possibly mission for your business.

We built the Doc&Do Business Management System in such a fashion that it allows for full collaboration among everyone who needs to be in your team. All revisions and your own notes can be viewed and your version history is saved and stored, so you can always go back and pick out better parts or indeed revert altogether to a previous version.

With full collaboration you can easily and swiftly create the best practices for each process of your business and by documenting them all, you will quickly safeguard all the elements that make up your business.

Sometimes we hear the words: ”But we’re so busy we don’t have time to do this.” Our response is simply:

“If you believe you don’t have time to do this –

then you really don’t have time NOT to do this!!”

You see, what often happens is that you will repeatedly spend time and time again on things that are non-income productive. Certain mistakes are made repeatedly in your business, often on the front line, costing your time, money and unfortunately often customer satisfaction. You will keep spending too long and too much on training new hires, whereas the addition of the Doc&Do Business Management System would help you bring everybody (new as well as old hires) onto the same page as how you conduct business.

Your training manual and your step by step system and procedures now live on an easily retrievable system accessible from all your devices including your employee’s devices with the access levels relevant to each individual.

When I said your manual, system and procedures now live on an easily accessible platform, then that’s exactly the right description for it. Procedures are typically to be considered a live thing. Circumstances, legislation, surroundings, economies all change and for our businesses to survive and hopefully stand the chance of thriving, our businesses and thus our processes need to follow suit and keep up to date.

That’s why the Doc&Do Business Management System becomes even more powerful, because now you can easily revise, edit, update and put in comments along the way. You can put in revision alerts as in when you should revisit the particular procedure in concern again in a timely manner and you will notify in an instant anyone who is in the need to know of any changes and amendments that you may have implemented. Everything gets stored in a safeguarded, secured and communication and alerts takes place in a spam-free environment.

If you are still on the offense about the time involved in getting your documentation in place, then we can even help you there. We have our own consultants and assistants that can help you out and that can help you get in place in swift and efficient manner.  In addition we have trusted external consultants who can assist you, who are experts in business operations and who may even help you organize certain aspects of your business even better than your current organization for better efficiency and results.

In closing remember you are never alone. We’re here to help you. We wish for you to get the best start. Bring your documentation and improved efficiency in place and we will gladly ensure in person that you get off to the best start and help you see how you may benefit in your business from the Doc&Do Business Management System.

Believe me, speaking as a business owner, once you have your entire business on the platform, everything becomes so much easier and you can do so much more even when you are on the go. You’ll feel more confident and secure about what goes on and the state of health of your business. And while this article only speaks on the aspects of your business manual and your business knowledge being safeguarded, these are just a few benefits to the system. As you dive in further, you too, will see just how incredible this platform is and how greatly it will help you, your results and put you in the drivers seat.

So once again, we extend our personal invitation to you to join us with your business on the Doc&Do platform. We hope to see you soon.

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Make Your Employees And Your Customers Smile With Doc&Do

Doc&Do Business Platform For Franchise Businesses

Doc&Do As Your Franchise Operation Manual Tool In Your Franchise Business

One of the businesses that I was managing some years back, was the franchisee for the territory of Denmark of a major international brand.

As you know, a Franchise based business can only work if it’s based on a truly well thought-out system. And it’s the repetition of that system across many, many outlets that can build not only a huge business, but also a massively successful one.

One of the most successful examples of such a business that I’m sure comes to everyone’s mind when reading this would be that of McDonald’s. McDonald’s may not sell the best burger on the market, but as a model for business it’s highly respected and one business owners across the globe envy.

It works well, due to a proven set of business systems. One that can even be handled by young adolescents. To add to that challenge, it’s a system that works well across the globe surpassing issues of cultural differences and all.

Now, the franchise business that we operated in the business that I managed back in the day, also had a system in place. I’m talking written pages upon pages on how you would handle customer interactions, dealings, sales, advertising and many other aspects of operating the business. It was very comprehensive as you might imagine.

That was all fine and dandy and it too seemed to work across the globe and across cultural divides, languages and more.

What astounds me to a great extent though is the fact that most of the information and the “How To’s” were stored in binders. Now paper filled binders are great as far as they go, but they most certainly have their challenges.

As I recall it, we only had 2 binders with the specific franchisee operating instructions for the entire company headquarters. That’s 2 binders that were shared by a staff of employees totaling in excess of 200 people. So you can imagine that even finding one of the 2 binders could sometimes present a slight challenge. Though we could have most likely gotten more, this was the situation at hand when we took over the franchise for Denmark.

We had a few other challenges with the binders. One was the issue wear and tear. When as many people as we had were using these binders, pages simply get smudged, knocked, torn, go missing and the like.
And think about how we had to update this from time to time by inserting pages and replacing others. Processes in any business should be “dynamic”. Meaning conditions, regulations, legislations and practicalities and challenges change over time and your business processes need to adjust accordingly so as to not only optimize your business, but also to ensure that your business survives. Again if I remember the process correctly the updated papers would be mailed out physically and then it was up to employees to ensure the relevant papers were changed out in the manual. This process was probably the process for their worldwide operations and franchisees – and their operations spanned pretty much the entire globe.

Granted this was in the earlier stages of the internet coming alive, and while I suspect the company in concern probably has updated their systems to utilize the speed and ease of the internet, not least what must be a hugely lessened cost of distribution, then I’m still wondering what system they have found that ensure uniform and automated implementation that also ensures that the employees of each location who need to know of any changes or new policies actually see it, read it and implement whatever changes are required.

One of the great advantages of the Doc&Do platform is that it can take care of all these steps in easy fashion. It’s what it was built for. No, we didn’t build it with franchise companies in mind, but the obvious and superlative fit soon became evident as we further developed the platform.

In other words, small, medium and even large companies can benefit greatly from the Doc&Do platform. Single location small businesses can streamline their operations and collaborate with the employees internally as well as with any outside help they may have, such as their CPA, lawyer, possible external bookkeeper and the like.

Larger companies and even very large operations, such as the franchise companies we are speaking of in this post, for whom repeatable systems and operational procedures are absolutely critical, can make excellent use of the platform. It will strengthen their operations and the way they communicate and interact with the franchisees, as well as better ensure uniformity of their business systems and brand.

Indeed speaking today with one of the country’s leading Franchise Advisory firms, they immediately took a sincere interest in the Doc&Do platform and communicated to key personnel the need for them to explore the opportunity utilizing Doc&Do in their work and in their recommendations for franchise businesses and operations.

Needless to say we at Pivot Point Enterprises are extremely excited and thankful for the opportunities that this may present to us for future business and future collaborations. We will keep you informed of the progress as it takes place and meanwhile continue to invite your business to join us on the Doc&Do platform if indeed you haven’t already done so.

Please join us and join our communication on how best to operate a business – small or large.

Doc&Do Business Platform For Franchise Businesses

Coaching Business On DocandDo Platform

Using The Doc&Do Business Platform For Your Coaching Business

The Doc&Do business platform that we have created has many, many applications. As you may be aware we created the platform predominantly for businesses to be able to document, manage and collaborate on all their business processes, but as the platform has developed, so have the opportunities and applications of the platform. We will be exploring over time various ways of using the Doc&Do platform and how businesses of different kinds can make use of it.

To begin this exploration and series of examples we will start of with this post.

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One application of the Doc&Do platform is for coaches to run and manage their coaching business. The Doc&Do platform is a wonderful tool for handling your coaching sessions and your coaching clients. It will keep you on track, have all relevant information on each specific coaching client up to date and at your fingertips and not least accessible to you from anywhere. No longer will you be tied to your office or will have to take client folders or binders with you on your travels or indeed postpone client sessions because of travel schedules.

With the Doc&Do platform, you can ensure that you remember about particular important events in each of your clients’ lives, so that you can remain fully present with each one particular client and show empathy when warranted and be reminded of other areas on which you need to follow up with your client.

The platform can even be utilized to communicate with your clients as in sending assignments, questionnaires or such that the clients need to fill out and return to you. Everything is confidential and encrypted, with amble back up and all communication takes place in a completely spam free environment.

Try It Out For Yourself

If you are a coach or are running a coaching business or something similar, please feel free to sign up for a free Doc&Do account and try it out for yourself. Also we suggest that you take the opportunity to reach out to us in person, so that we may help you specifically get the right start on the platform.

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See An Example Of How You Could Run A Coaching Business On The Platform

If you wish to see a specific application of the Doc&Do platform for a coaching business, then below you will see one way you could use it. Now the video that we will show you is just one example of how it can be done, cause remember, the Doc&Do platform is completely flexible, meaning you can set up your business the way you want it set up.

We’re Here To Help You

Again to reiterate, we’re here to help you and help you achieve instant success with our platform. As the platform has not seen its like before, you may need some help just to get started, but believe us when we say, that you will quickly get it and quickly see just how powerful the platform can be for your business too.

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