No Longer A Pipedream The Doc&Do Platform Is Fully Functionable

We Are So Close Now To Official Launch Of Version 1.0

If you have visited our website any time recently, you might have noticed that the progress bar on the front page that shows the progress of our Beta Phase shows a very nice 99%. In other words, we are getting extremely close to officially launch the Doc&Do version 1.0

No Longer A Pipedream The Doc&Do Platform Is Fully Functionable

Clip from current front page of Pivot Point Enterprises’ website

Now that is exciting cause although the platform has actually been fully function-able, powerful and robust since we opened it up for beta use sometime in March this year, then it also means that new and huge benefits will soon be available for users everywhere.

Some of these benefits include the ready availability of templates. Templates can be imported into your entity account with the click of a button. The templates can be templates that are particularly useful for a specific type of business. It could be that a template for a real estate business would offer a great structure that can be imported and that would make great sense to a real estate business and it could possible even be that the template would entail certain standard pieces of valuable information and documents useful for such a business.

Now the templates would be made by users of the Doc&Do platform. Experienced in their own field they might have found an excellent way of structuring and setting up their businesses so that it just makes sense and so that they can run their business much more efficiently and smoothly and so that their structure would enable them better at improving profitability and workflow in general. Well, by making the structure available as a template now they can share their insights and expertise with others and can offer such templates via the platform either as a free offer or offer it for a price. For sure the templates will help speed up the process of getting organized so that a new user can more speedily be ready for more efficient daily workflow and operation. Insights from other experts can furthermore help others gain new ideas and insights as to how to run their businesses better.

In this connection it is useful to note that templates too will be flexible, meaning you can keep from a a template what you like and discard what you don’t feel has a place for your business. You can add to it with your own ideas and further structure that you may have evolved over the course of running your business. But altogether templates will be a valuable addition, and will be predominantly be coming from experts in their fields and users of the Doc&Do platform – possibly a template would be coming from you too…? We would like to think so and hope that you will be taking an active part in making available better structures to help other businesses succeed better.

We live in an economy that could greatly use the help of many and the insights of great experts of their particular fields.

So as always, we invite you to participate on the Doc&Do platform and if you haven’t already done so, by signing up now. Go here to learn more about the Doc&Do platform.