Youtube Videos Explain Possible Applications of docanddo platform

Pivot Point Enterprises Publishes Targeted Videos To Inform About The Doc&Do Platform

Describing in few words what the online business platform, Doc&Do (iTunes app: docanddo) does is challenging as it can do so many things for businesses. To help explain it better Pivot Point Enterprises will release small videos that describe specific examples of applications.

Highlands Ranch, CO. – June 4, 2014 – Pivot Point Enterprises, the maker of the unique business management platform for all your business operations and more is planning to release several videos that each will describe specific and individual applications of the platform in order to give a better idea of how the platform can help individual businesses.

“The challenge when you have a platform that can in fact do so many things for you and your business is, that it can be very difficult in just a few words to describe and explain it to people”, said Mikkel Pitzner, CEO of Pivot Point Enterprises. “We find that it may be a great idea to give specific examples in separate videos of specific applications of our platform in businesses of different industries in order to illustrate it better for people”, Mikkel Pitzner concluded.

Videos will be publish to YouTube as well as on the company’s website, www.pivotpointenterprises. Here’s an example:

The business management platform named Doc&Do ( or iTunes app: docanddo) was released just weeks ago and is a platform that enables businesses to document, store and collaborate on all business processes. The platform is non-industry specific, which means that it’s relevant for any type of business, of any industry and of any size.

Already the Doc&Do platform has gained a large number of users. So many in fact that Pivot Point Enterprises recently had to greatly expand the server capacity in order to secure smooth and fast user experience.

Free accounts are available at


About Pivot Point Enterprises

Pivot Point Enterprises was established with the specific focus on creating and building a business platform that could help small to medium sized companies get better organized with all their processes and documents and in such a way that the businesses’ collective knowledge base and know how was secured and available to anyone who needs and is granted access, especially new hires in need of learning how to do their jobs.

The platform will enable businesses to manage all business processes and enable several employees to collaborate on projects, processes, documents and ensure that all files and documents are safely stored in one place, always ensuring that you are looking at the last updated document, while safeguarding older versions.

New and updated policies, contracts and other documents can push notify the key employees that will need to be briefed hereof and alerts will ensure that timely revisions are commenced on the documents that have such needs.

The platform enables businesses to accomplish a lot of things and provides much improved efficiencies for or even elimination of often repeatable non-income producing activities along the way.

The solution and the platform is directed for small to medium sized businesses across all industries and the intention is for helping such businesses perform better and stronger and to build a better economy for the future.

Ensuring Corporate Governance and Compliances are added benefits that follow naturally from the use of the Doc&Do business platform.

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