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Every month I pay about $400 towards rent of a storage room in a facility in Denmark. The purpose of this storage room for me is solely to house all the paperwork of the last 5 years of business of a company that I no longer own or operate.

I never visit this facility and I personally have no use for the papers, comprising expense reports, invoices, employee payouts etc., which are stored in binders and boxes. Honestly, I would really love to take it all to the incinerator and be done with it all.

In Denmark, you are legally obliged to safe-keep at least the last 5 years of paperwork that comprises your income and the related tax returns you have made each year to the IRS. In the United States of America that is 7 years.

Now, it’s been a few years since I sold the business and that means that some of the 5 years have past. Yet, unfortunately I still have a few more to go. That also means a few more years of paying $400 a month that in my view is completely wasted.

Even more painful is the thought that even if IRS were to ask me for certain documents or if I for whatever other reason needed it, then I would now have to fly all the way over to Denmark and lock myself into the storage room. Then I would have to dig through some 50-60 boxes filled with binders full of paperwork and then hope that I would find the relevant piece and papers.

Most Businesses Still Have Piles Of Physical Paper

Most business are still stuck with piles and piles of physical paper and the associated headaches that come along with it

In all my newer ventures, I have embraced digitizing absolutely everything. I still enjoy reading a book in its physical form (although I do on occasion read books also on electronic devices), but nowadays I actually take pride in the fact that I no longer am wasting paper upon paper with the need to print out stuff (what ever it may be).

Indeed, most of my bills payable that comes in now come in electronic form and I even will sign most contract and other agreements electronically.

By doing this I completely avoid having all the paper piling up everywhere and to make things even better the IRS actually allows for me to have everything in electronic form. In other words I no longer need to have tons of binders and stacks of paper in order to carry out my businesses or to satisfy IRS or other entities. And how much does it take up physically to have it stored in electronic form? Very, very little compared to the physical version.

In addition, these days a lot of communication and other interactions are done via email, so that means a lot of what used to be in paper form now is sent as attachments. It’s just faster, simpler and more efficient that way and it just makes sense.

Doing so also makes me feel more “green” so that I feel I too am doing something (however small) for the environment.

But much more than that, having set myself up in this fashion, I can now be completely free to roam around and to carry out my businesses anywhere I go, at least as long as I have access to internet.

Staying In The Drivers Seat Of Your Business Even When TravelingIt makes all my interactions with colleagues, employees, bookkeepers, CPA, attorneys, clients and vendors a much more speedy and flexible event and it leaves me with full flexibility of being on the move, which I often am.

Today, my tools have improved even more so, giving me even more freedom and much more control and flexibility. For today I have the Doc&Do Business Management Platform.

With this platform I can have everything in my business digitized and accessible any time via pretty much any device I choose. Everything is stored via the Doc&Do platform and everybody that is involved with our activities is active on the platform as well. If a new vendor, partner or other enters our business and activities, then we just invite that person in and now the exchange of contracts, invoices and the like can take place there, including updates, revisions and other parts of communication which now takes place in a complete spam-free environment.

Not only does this result in the automatic digitization of everything pertaining the business in concern, but it also means that I can access whatever I need whenever I need it having it available right there at my fingertips. That also means I can handle the documents on the go, assign it to someone for further actions or invite someone else to it if I need to do so.

If you are anything like me, you have probably been in the situation more than once in which you are out and about and someone calls you to ask for that document which is really important that needs to get expedited right now (and that you forgot in your haste to get out the door).

You’ll have to say: “I’ll get to it as soon as I’m back in the office”.

Sometimes it can wait perhaps. Other times an additional wait could have consequences. Whichever the case, it’s a pain. But imagine if you could just say to the person on the other end of the phone call: “Well, give me just one second and I will invite you to the document”.

Well, now you can. The Doc&Do Business Management Platform enables you to do so from all your mobile devices (smart devices).

Handle Documents and Files While On The Go

Now I can handle all the documents and files even when I’m on the go

Naturally, the Doc&Do does so much more than that and the above are but a few benefits to the platform. You might actually say these benefits here are just bi-products of what the platform was designed to do, which again entails a host of other functions with huge amounts of benefits, which we will touch upon in other (future and past) posts.

How wonderful it is to know, that I will no longer have to keep throwing out money of storage facilities just to satisfy the need for documentation to IRS or other entities.

Now, I realize that there are many other solutions for digital storage of your business documents, personal documents and everything else, but the fact is, that none of these are coupled with the power of the Doc&Do platform for you to be fully in control and be so flexible and efficient.

Often you will be in need of allowing someone access to your files or documents, but only for a certain time period. With the Doc&Do platform you can allow access to single files or documents, full sections, all of it and everything in between. I say files too, as the platform will allow you to store virtually any kind of file type you wish (even videos).

Security is a very important issue to ensure as well. On our end, we have the highest security at full bank rate levels, but down to the simplest of user and user access security is what users can and cannot do and how you as an administrator can control, segment and modify things.

With many other document repository systems and platforms, users can see other folder headings, other users and other parts even though they may be able to access it. Well, I don’t know about you, but I suspect that you too wouldn’t really want anybody other than those you grant access to it, to be able to see anything they shouldn’t see.

Many other platforms also make it cumbersome for you to secure that access at some point no longer is given a certain person. You may have an employee leave your business for whatever reason and now you may have to go into all the various folders in your platform to ensure that the person is being taken off his or her access. If you have many folders, this can become a very tedious task and I know of several companies who just don’t bother, but thereby also accept a bad risk. Remember most of these platform, that user can actually delete the contents.

Well, with the Doc&Do the invite process is extremely easy and fast. Basically you just invite via email or if the person is already a user of the platform (not yet necessarily with your business), then you just add the user to the file, section, entity or other in concern with the rights that you assign and only to the parts that you wish. When an employee leaves, you can un-invite that person of everything in one fell swoop. Fast, efficient and very safe.

Many more safety features and benefits are built into the Doc&Do Platform, like version history, tracking of all changes and of who did what and when and abilities to revert things to previous state. No disgruntled user can therefore purposely or un-purposely delete your important files or change them without your ability to revert matters in seconds.

I will describe more of these in future posts, but for now, I really wanted to enlighten you on this new found ability to be completely free to be out and about and yet still be in full control and have full abilities to carry out business as if you were still sitting in your office.

Certainly, Doc&Do is relieving me of many, many pains. I’m hopeful that it will relieve you of tons of pain too.

Here’s the link to learn more about the Doc&Do Business Management Platform. I invite you to go and take a look.

Imagine The Freedom When You Are No Longer Tied To Your Office

Imagine The Freedom When You Are No Longer Tied To Your Office