Frank Curtin and Mikkel Pitzner, the two founders of Pivot Point Enterprises and the creators of unique and novel business management platform named Doc&Do, are on a mission.

The mission:

To help millions of entrepreneurs run more efficient and smooth businesses, save them loads of time, and add value to their businesses by providing a platform that enables them to document and manage all their business processes and have everything pertaining their businesses available at the touch of their fingertips from any mobile device.

It’s been said thousands of times that upwards of 73% of new businesses don’t survive their first 5 years ( census data) and that during the following 5 years another 85% will fail. In other words, more than 95% of all businesses don’t make it past 10 years.

Some of the businesses that have the best track records are franchise businesses. The reason many franchise businesses are successful is the fact that they have well defined business processes that ultimate lead them to having superior business systems that quite simply create highly predictable outcomes.

Rolling out such systems can only happen if you have clearly documented your business processes, oftentimes even down to the most mundane tasks and activities that takes in the business so that you have everything you need to know to run that business.

The strength and power of this can easily be seen when observing the success of very large franchises and other operations such e.g. McDonald’s and Starbucks. These two examples represent highly successful companies that are mostly operated by young workers and they are successful even when crossing borders and cultures.

The aim, when Doc&Do, our business management system was created, was to enable businesses to clearly document their processes and manage all their business systems their way on a platform that easily facilitated collaboration and would give employees and business owners access to relevant information on how to carry out the things they do every day..

Getting and keeping everyone on the same page is no easy feat. But when done right, things are carried out in a consistent fashion with predictable results, which more often than not eliminates costly mistakes, builds brands and ensures customer expectations are met. The collaboration abilities of Doc&Do can facilitate that best practices are built through collaboration with key team members, or all team members if so desired. That’s up to you.

Doc&Do = Productivity. (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

Doc&Do documented processes, accessible to those who need who need to know when they need to know it, present a huge help for new hires cutting learning curves dramatically reducing mistakes and the strain on the more seasoned and experienced employees who would otherwise have to spend sometimes excessive time hand-holding and training new staff members. With such documentation, new employees are easily onboarded with quality training and fast insertion into the system. Couple that with less redundant or highly supervised work requirements and you’ve got the recipe for a highly productive operation.

Doc&Do = Safety (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

But more than that, full documentation safeguards all the essential knowhow of the business and ensures that all business intellectual capital stays with the business even if a key employee should leave for whatever reason.

Doc&Do =  Flexibility (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

In addition, should the day arrive when the business is up for sale, the fully documented business will fetch a higher value and make it an entirely easier transaction for both parties. The more documentation you have about the business operations, the more likely you are to have more willing buyers.

Doc&Do = Fully Functionable (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

The Doc&Do business management platform has already accomplished this and has already turned into a much more powerful platform than the two creators had originally envisioned. Although it’s still publicly listed in Beta mode, it’s already fully functional and already handles several hundred entities and paying clients.

Doc&Do =  Shared Innovation (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

To help businesses further, Doc&Do will soon have business solutions in the form of templates for business owners. Many to most templates will be offered by experts who have proven ways of structuring certain solutions and now have the ability to offer their solutions via the Doc&Do platform. This can be particularly useful for specific industries or niches, where businesses can leverage best of class processes. For example, there’s a Real Estate Investment business that has created a solution for other real estate investors who do short sales. There is also a diner type restaurant that has built an extensive front of house and back of house operations to keep the business running smoothly regardless of what employees are asked to do. Many more are coming, especially as more and more experts join the platform.

Doc&Do = The Best of Best Resources (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

There are a good number of tools in existence today that handle things such as document storage and active documents. Many can even do collaboration of sorts. Doc&Do can perform all of these roles and so much more. In fact it’s a platform on which you can digitize your entire business and benefit from having everything accessible even when you are on the go.

Doc&Do = Real Time, Mobile Access (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

Accessible on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop and soon on Android devices, Doc&Do’s power and flexibility is immense and with the extreme flexibility and ability of adding guests, users or admins to elements of your business, even down to a single document, full business processes or any number of items in between., puts you in the drivers seat to handle all matters of your business, fast, efficiently and very, very smoothly. Doc&Do gives you the flexibility to run your business your way.

Doc&Do = Vibrant Solution (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

Doc&Do is an extremely robust and highly flexible, yet simple to use platform. Because of this, the platform is industry agnostic and any business can set their structure up the way they run their business, not the way some other systems force them to. Even when templates are added, a business can make changes to suit their needs on any aspect of any item they have.

A great example of a solution is in the coaching industry. There are many types of coaching, and most coaches are confined to providing their services from their office, where their client files exist. Doc&Do solves that and demonstrates how on their YouTube channel. “This is but one example and more and more solution based videos are forth coming”, says company CEO, Mikkel Pitzner. In reality, you are really only limited by your imagination on how you can set up your business on the platform.

Doc&Do = Compliance Tool (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

An often unspoken benefit that’s obtained when you maximize the platforms capability is that of Corporate Governance and Compliance. The platform provides business owners and principals alike a great tool for ensuring that whatever compliance you need to adhere to is covered, which ultimately leads to well-documented Corporate Governance. With full version history and helpful note sections, you will be fully covered even if time passes and memories fade.

The latter is also valuable when you need to determine who did what and when. It helps you by providing the latest version of the document you are working on, such as an important contract.

Users are able to set up reminders for themselves and others. Employee contracts and other contracts often need reviews with certain intervals and you can set up reminders to ensure that timely attention is given where it is needed.

Furthermore, when you update something, everybody who is following that specific item will automatically get notified, which is great for updating everybody on important changes such as important changes to policies or procedures within your business.

Users have an inbox that gives notifications on all actions taken by anyone but themselves on the things they are following. Click on a specific notification and you will see exactly what action took place, so that you are always completely in the know of what’s happening, but only the things that you are invited to follow. Once you have read it, the inbox message is cleared of your inbox and since the platform is a completely spam-free zone only relevant information is there for you to concern yourself with

Doc&Do = Collaboration With Vendors (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

By inviting your vendors and business partners and clients to relevant sections and functions of your business on the platform, you can even extend such communication into the spam-free environment and have for instance your vendors supply their invoices to your via the system, for your bookkeeping and further expedition, payment and such.

Doc&Do = Secure (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

Naturally a question will come up on the safety and security of such a platform. Pivot Point Enterprises is pleased to announce that the platform has full bank-grade level security and amble backup with everything encrypted upon upload and stored on Amazon S3 servers. The platform accepts all common file types, including videos, documents, word and excel files and PDFs just to name a few. The only file types that are not accepted are executable file types such as .exe and other files that can hold potential threats of virus and executable programs. This measure has been taken to specifically safeguard the platform and business management system from malware and the like.

Admins of a business have full control over who gets access to what and on what levels as well as what they can do. No disgruntled employee can wreck havoc and delete files or documents or amend them to detrimental effect, without you being able to revert or retrieve your correct versions and with full history, you have full knowledge of who takes what actions on the platform.

As a user on the Doc&Do platform you will have your personal account that will be yours and be yours always. The personal user account is generally a free account, unless you desire to add resources for some purpose. Each business would usually have it’s own account to which you then get added, most likely as an admin. Jas the business owner you invite yourself as an admin to the business account and now you can carry out anything you wish in the business while logged in as yourself. Other users are invited into the business via their own personal accounts and assigned the access you decide, or your team members with those privileges decide

One of the unique benefits of this account setup is that you can then be invited to multitudes of businesses. This is a powerful system that allows those who work with several entities, which may be completely separate companies, to just have one personal login and now they can dive into the specific company they are in need of at any given time, and then be able to swiftly jump into another company and work there too. And the inbox reports activities amongst all the Entities your personal account has been invited to share content.

Pivot Point Enterprises’ own CEO, Mikkel Pitzner, is involved in multiple businesses on a owner-, partner-, consultancy- or board of directors level and carrying out the tasks he needs to do in each of these became so much easier because each of those businesses are present on the platform. Pivot Point Enterprises’ COO, Frank Curtin, is hands on presently helping several users on the Doc&Do business management system that he has been invited by these business owners to their entity, so he can assist them in their setup. Once they are in place and no longer need his personal involvement or they wish to take him off, it’s as simple as just clicking one button thereby un-inviting him from their business. Same goes for instance for an employee who is leaving your company.

Doc&Do = Time Saver For Your Key Consultants (Click here to visit the website of Doc&Do)

These powerful and flexible benefits, makes for a powerful tool for consultants, board members, CPAs, Lawyers and others who are involved in multiple businesses and companies and who need to interact with them on regular intervals. For instance, you might wish to grant access to your CPA to certain relevant parts of your business on the platform, so they can carry out their work come tax season. If you have an external (or internal for that matter) bookkeeper, then again the platform is a powerful avenue for making things take place in a secure, flexible environment, that leaves you with the possibility to access everything you as a business owner or CEO or such need to have access to at any one time.

Frank Curtin and Mikkel Pitzner are convinced that nothing quite like this platform has ever existed. Certain platforms are very able and powerful to handle certain elements of what Doc&Do can do, but nothing to their knowledge can perform what Doc&Do can. Doc&Do over time will help thousands if not millions of businesses, business owners, employees and professionals improve their results and operations and help to greatly reduce those often revisited non-income producing activities that business typically would otherwise engage in on and on and on without the Doc&Do platform. And if they can minimize the non-income producing activity time, imagine how much you can get done on your income producing ones when all the policies and procedures to take action are clearly defined and available to all those who need it.

Further development and improvements is naturally considered a must and part of the business of Pivot Point Enterprises.

As mentioned, the Doc&Do business management system is already a much more powerful and flexible solution than the two creators ever envisioned when they started out just over 6 months ago. They are therefore currently considering whether now would be a good time to seek some serious funding to ensure that the business management system will get the right conditions to live under, evolve and not least be marketed by.

Certainly, the power of the business management system is bound to have huge potential and it’s expected that its growth will be an exponential one as businesses learns of its power and flexibility and as the organic growth will take place when the businesses invites their vendors, partners, CPAs, lawyers and other collaborators to parts of their entity on the platform.

A bright future is certainly ahead for Pivot Point Enterprises and their business management system, Doc&Do.

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