Merry Christmas From Pivot Point Enterprises

Pivot Point Enterprises Wishes Everybody A Very Merry Christmas

We at Pivot Point Enterprises wish everybody a very Merry Christmas. We are still hard at work trying to keep as close to our plans for launch of what we believe will be the most exciting business platform the world has seen in a very, very long time.

Naturally, the holidays of the Christmas season will take us off work just a little bit, but then we will reconvene again in between Christmas and New Years.

Everything looks really good and all systems are go (at least at this stage at which we are at the moment). Cross your fingers for us that we will stay the course and have as much luck and achieve as much results as we have had the pleasure of so far. This looks to be something really amazing and something we are certain will help a lot of small to medium sized businesses greatly.

But as Christmas draws near, we wish to stop for a moment and send you our very best wishes. May you have some pleasant days with the people you care about and perhaps have a few days to reflect on the luck you have had and the things and experiences for which you can be grateful.

A very warm and heartfelt

Merry Christmas

from all of us.

Merry Christmas From Pivot Point Enterprises

Merry Christmas From Pivot Point EnterprisesMerry Christmas From Pivot Point Enterprises

Get Out! It's Always Unfortunate When You Have To Fire Someone

Manage Your Employees From The Moment You Hire Them To The Unfortunate Moment When You Have To ….

Manage employees from the moment you hire them to the moment they leave, and all the stuff that goes on in between.

Have secure access to all the relevant information you would need in both good times, and the not so good times.

If you have been in business for just a few years, you more than likely have already experienced the joys of hiring new promising hopes for your company in the form of a new employee.

Unfortunately, you probably also then have experienced one or more of these hopes turn into disappointments and perhaps even borderline nightmares.

When it comes to employees, as with many other aspects of your business, it becomes critical at times that you have all your documentation and history within reach in the unfortunate event that a dispute arises or in the event you reach that final conclusion that the employee must leave your company – and perhaps not at the employees own free will

With Doc&Do you will have all your employee documents at your fingertips and with the touch of a button you can retrieve all relevant contracts, communication and other important documents that can not only be important for your situation and decision, but perhaps even be the critical factor that will bring you out of a jam.

It’s always unfortunate when you have to let go of employees whatever the reason, but as a business owner or business manager, it unfortunately seems inevitable that once in a while you will land in that unfortunate position where you have to make and enforce such a decision.

It is in those situations that you want to be sure that you have your documentation in order to counter any counter actions and legal disputes that might arise from your actions of having to let someone go.

Having to let go of anyone – regardless of reason or possibly the fact that the person deserves it – is never a pleasant situation or action to have to go through (for any part for that matter). But having that situation turn into a legal dispute potentially just makes the experience even more horrible and this is when you need all the help you can get to state and prove your case and why you were in your good and legal right to let the person go.

Don’t end up in the situation that you stand without the strength of proper documentation that supports your case. Don’t be left with incomplete files. Don’t be missing that important document that you know you had, but which now has gone missing.

It’s always highly unfortunate as a business owner to land in the situation that you need to let one or more person go, for whatever the reason , deserved or not. But sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Be adequately positioned to face any legal dispute that may arise from the situation.

Frustrated and I can't Believe It

Never Lose Another File Or Document Again

Never lose another file or document again. Always have the most up to date version, and the notes surrounding those files and documents. It’s as easy as DOC&DO!

Running any business usually involves handling a lot of important files and documents. Filing them in an easy to find location or sharing them with other team members and colleagues often leaves the files missing all together or in versions that are not up to date.

In addition, retrieving these files and documents when away from your office often leaves you with the heartache that the files are on another computer.

When Pivot Point Enterprises created the DOC&DO platform, these were some of the problem areas that we wanted to find the best solutions to – and so we have.

With DOC&DO, you have a platform on which you can store all your files and all of your documents. You can easily assign access for specific colleagues as well as lock the files up for those you do not wish for to have access.

The sharing and collaboration possibilities are second to none, enabling you to collaborate with a colleague or several on a specific document or a host of documents. Your revisions and your notes are all saved, so that you can easily come back to your work on a document and pick up where you left off. Even if some time has passed by since you last looked at it.

Alerts can be set up so you or assigned colleagues will be notified when a document needs to be revised or updated in a timely fashion.

It all helps you in your daily routines and chores of running the business and makes it much easier to stay with compliances’ where they prevail and support you in the unfortunate situation of being audited.

Full collaboration on documents and files made easy with Doc&Do

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

In a galaxy far far away… Wait, that’s a different story…

In a private mastermind back in 2008, Frank (being a recovering business process expert) was inquiring repeatedly the participants to help him better understand what they do and how they do it. You see, in a room full of business owners, the most common answer is a regurgitation of their niche, or what business they are in, like I’m a real estate investor, a lawyer, a dentist, an internet marketer or what ever else.

Frank, with a perplexed look on his face kept digging: “That’s great he said, but that isn’t what I asked you. If I came in to your office as a newly hired employee, what things would you have me doing and how would you have me do them so you don’t waste my time and I don’t waste yours?”

It was at that moment that the initial concept of Doc&Do was born.

Mikkel was a whole other story. In late 1996 he took ownership of a failing limousine company, Mikkel stepped in and took over control. His efforts to cut expenses and grow revenues were only trumped by his unique ability to automate most of the things he had to pay people to do over and over again. And his automation eliminated errors and allowed him to remove himself entirely from the daily operations of the company.In 2008 Mikkel moved to the United States and eventually in 2010 sold his limousine service company in Denmark.

In the United States Mikkel commenced helping companies, including a publicly traded company, improving their operations and improving their results implementing his techniques and utilizing his experience.

So as we near the end of 2013 and after 5 solid years of helping small businesses with their business processes and large scale marketing events, it was time for Frank and Mikkel to apply what they both knew to one single solution. Documenting what gets done and how became the single most easiest way to help small businesses become more efficient at what they do, which inevitably leads to more effective results i.e., happier employees, happier customers, and more profits!

Finally, one solution to manage what business gets done and how.

– Spend less time fumbling around with data you want and need

– Make employee management easier with centralized record keeping and management

– Make training new employees a breeze with documented processes on not only what you do, but also how you do it

– Focus on getting work done, not HOW to get work done

– Easy to Use

– Save time daily

– No more dumb looks from employees

– Bring your business where ever you want and work from anywhere, and nobody needs to know…

– Never lose and important document or file again

– Get reminded of the things you need to work on, when they need to be worked on

– Find important documents with just a few clicks and in multiple ways

– Managing contracts should be painless

– Knowing what to do and when is better

– Put your data and your business in the palm of your hand

– Put your know how in the palm of your hand

– Update how things get done, regardless of where you are

– Sign a new contract, load it up in seconds from anywhere

– Capture every file, and add a comment or two where needed

– Never lose another file

– Respond to inquiries and comments anytime, anywhere

– Full collaboration made possible

– Straightforward and simple

– Automatic worry free upgrades

– Amazing Customer support

– Business experts ready when you need them

– Training on how to do this or that, with just a click

– Available on all your devices

– Automatic secure backups

– Easy collaboration on documentation

– Pre-built processes to speed your creation time

– Pre-built templates to speed your creation time

– Focus on your work, not your paperwork

– Edit documents easily

– Get feedback on how things get done

– Share securely with confidence, for your eyes only

– Easily mange accessibility and permissions

– Get all the space you need when you need it

– Keep your work safe

– Manage your team

– Manage your employee base

– Manage your resources

– File recovery and versioning

– Real time updates

– Encryption at rest and in transit

– Deletion recovery for those times when people get mischievous

– Publishing control to avoid those oops moments

– Easily onboard and off-board team members and or employees

– Centralized administration

– Maintain of history of activities for comparison

– One click sharing, add a member to a content piece or even a whole file cabinet

– Apps for business

– Simple secure file transfer

– Get whole team on the same page

– Inform entire company or selected members instantly

– Now access all your files from one place

– Get notified when changes occur

– Save time

– Lower your storage costs

– Eliminate firewall issues

Key Features

– Upload any file, anytime, anywhere and comment on it, set yourself a reminder, tag it, and assign an owner

– Create an online document that notifies all viewers each time changes are published.

– Create processes and steps, modify and change on the fly and use as the way to do business the right way

– Train new resources on how you want things done

– Get professional help and have them document what they do for you so you can do it again in the future

– Manage employees from application through exiting, and everything in between securely

Why for you

– You need to know what gets done and how, and so do your employees and contractors

– You need to cut out the wasted time trying to find important documents that facilitate you running a smooth operation

– You cannot afford to share important content that out of date

– You want fast access to all your contracts and key changes or nuances you think might impact what gets done or how you or they get paid

– You run a tight ship and you don’t have time to waste in your business on the things that don’t make you money, like re-training, un necessary search times whether that’s online or off.

– You have many people in your organization and the left hand rarely knows what the right hand is doing

What problem are we solving

– Not knowing how things get done across the business

– Too many versions of documents floating around

– too many locations for files

– Emails get lost so comments on important documents get missed

– Business policies are not known by workers

– Employee policies are not understood, nor followed

– Small biz employee management is not secure, people can easily go into files they should not see

What headaches are removed

– Single location for ALL important files and documents

– Processes and Procedures are known across the business

– Hiring and firing is easier with full documentation

– Training is more congruent

– Information in the business is current and relevant

Hello world!

Pivot Point Enterprises is established October 31st 2013, by Frank Curtin and Mikkel Pitzner with the specific goal of building a unique online platform that will enable all small to medium sized businesses run and operate their businesses better, more smoothly and more easily.

A lot more information on this to follow…