DocandDo business app for all your mobile devices handles all your documents and files

Press Release: March 27th 2014: Pivot Point Enterprises Launches App For New Business PLatform DocAndDo

The Platform Helps Businesses Manage Their Operations, Documents And Knowledge Base. It’s The Portable COO That Never Sleeps, Trains Employees While Ensuring Corporate Governance And Compliance. The App Supplies Full Mobile Access To Your Platform, Documents And Files.

Highlands Ranch, CO. – March 27th, 2014 – Pivot Point Enterprises announced today that their new business platform called Doc&Do got it’s first app approved by Apple and that it’s now available through iTunes – listed under the app name: docanddo.

The business platform enables companies store all their important files and documents safely and always readily available. But more than that the platform enables employees to manage and collaborate on all their business processes and to record important and valuable business processes.

The app was approved yesterday and was available in iTunes in the afternoon. At present the app works with IOS on iPhones, but an Android version will also be launched in near future. Also an iPad version is under development presently and should soon be available too.

“The mobile apps are invaluable additions to the great platform and will provide access to all your files and documents on the go”, said Mikkel Pitzner, CEO of Pivot Point Enterprises and continued: “In today’s world I think it’s essential that you can execute and handle your business matters at any time you choose or need to and that often means at times when you are on the move”.

Pivot Point Enterprises is headed up by Frank Curtin, business and financial model wizard, project manager and supply chain strategist, and Mikkel Pitzner, marketing expert, successful businessman and partner of several businesses, professional board member and mentor.

The two businessmen established Pivot Point Enterprises towards the end of last year with the specific idea for the Doc&Do business platform after always having had the challenges of how to safeguard internal business processes, the business intellect and limit vulnerability in the businesses they have operated through out many years and not least seeing the same struggles within all the businesses they have individually helped and consulted in their careers.

Doc&Do allows employees to collaborate on the best practices of how they do their business and then record and store that information, readily available for the people who need to know, such as new hires down the road. Benefits of always having the information available at your fingertips (even when you are on the move), knowing that you are indeed looking at the latest update version and push notification of new updated important documents are just a few of the many benefits and features the Doc&Do platform additionally provides.

Initial feedback for the Doc&Do platform has been overwhelmingly positive and Pivot Point Enterprises are certain that the platform will help companies improve their day to day operations and results.

Again the App is now available in iTunes listed under apps as: docanddo

About Pivot Point Enterprises

Pivot Point Enterprises was established in October 2013 with the specific focus on creating and building a business platform that could help small to medium sized companies get better organized with all their processes and documents and in such a way that the businesses’ collective knowledge base and know how was secured and available to anyone who needs and is granted access, especially new hires in need of learning how to do their jobs.

The platform will enable businesses to manage all business processes and enable several employees to collaborate on projects, processes, documents and ensure that all files and documents are safely stored in one place, always ensuring that you are looking at the last updated document, while safeguarding older versions.

New and updated policies, contracts and other documents can push notify the key employees that will need to be briefed hereof and alerts will ensure that timely revisions are commenced on the documents that have such needs.

The platform enables businesses to accomplish a lot of things and provides much improved efficiencies for or even elimination of often repeatable non-income producing activities along the way.

The solution and the platform is directed for small to medium sized businesses across all industries and the intention is for helping such businesses perform better and stronger and to build a better economy for the future.

Ensuring Corporate Governance and Compliances are added benefits that follow naturally from the use of the Doc&Do business platform.

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Docanddo App in iTunes 2014-03-27 at 9.27.16 AM. Excellent app from Pivot Point Enterprises for all your business files and documents

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