Finding our Stuff Has Never Been Easier Doc&Do Is Here feat

Finding Your Stuff Has Never Been Easier – Now That You’ve Got Doc&Do

Has this ever happened to you: You need a document and can’t remember where its located. You contact your secretary to find it. The problem is, your secretary is has only been there 4 months and has never had to find this document before.

So now the hunt begins.

It can take an hour or even two weeks depending on your organizational structure and how things get done. This costs the company valuable production time and money… and that ends with Doc&Do.

Finding Your Stuff Has Never Been Easier Not That You Have Doc&Do

With our new powerful search you can locate critical documents, processes, and more in seconds. No more having to remember everything about the file or what system or systems it lives in. Doc&Do lets you find crucial information by relevance instead of file names alone.

The best part…you can do this from your tablet or smart phone while you’re on the 9th hole!

Yeah, we may all wish not to be disturbed when we are out on the golf course, on vacation, or just on a break away from work and office, but we have all been there. Out and about and then the phone rings. Minor crisis – need that document now.

Well, for most people, this is still when the fun and enjoyment of your time away from the office is completely ruined and when you would either have to break away and return to the office to fix the situation or if you decide not to, your mood has already taken a beating and now the anxiety of what will happen, now that the document is not found instantly, sets in. So even if you try to complete your golfing or whatever activity you were doing, now your mind keeps bringing you back to the crisis in the office. Not fun at all.

There’s great news, however.

With the Doc&Do you now can fix this type of event. More than likely you too carry around with you your phone, pretty much all the time. And if you are like more and more people your phone is in fact a smart phone. With the Doc&Do app installed on your phone and with your documents and all other relevant files loaded onto your account on the Doc&DO Business Management Platform, now you have instant access to pretty everything from your phone – including when you are at the 9th hole.

The minor crisis at the office can quickly be dealt with. You log into your account on Doc&Do, find the document they need and invite the person who needs it. Done!

It’s that easy.

Yup, that easy and now you can return to your golf and remain relaxed and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that things are in good order and that your absence is not holding back anything back in the office.