Doc&Do Is The Solution For Bank Compliance Challenges feat

Doc&Do As A Bank Loan Compliance Tool And Solution

The Doc&Do Business Management Platform is so versatile, flexible and safe that it has many, many uses and just as many applications.

Indeed as an example, we have explored how the platform could be utilized as a great tool and solution for compliance tasks rendering these task much easier to perform with the availability of Doc&Do. In the little video below we are describing the challenges of certain bank loan compliance obligations.

If you do a search on Google on fines that were dispensed lately to banks for certain violations and breach of some compliance requirements laid upon the banks by legislation and regulations, you will quickly see that these ran in the billions of dollars. That’s right billions with a B.

No doubt, carrying out the necessary work for the banks in order to fulfill all of their obligations in these regards represents a very substantial undertaking and up until now, the banks probably didn’t have much of a tool to do so, except for just a huge amount of manual work combined with pieced together multitudes of platforms and communication tools.

Well, that has been til situation till now.

Doc&Do Is The Solution For Bank Compliance Challenges

We have reviewed the assignment the banks have in terms of bank loan compliance fulfillment and we find that the Doc&Do platform actually presents a very efficient, flexible, powerful and of course, secure tool for fulfilling this task.

Elements such as automated alerts and communications to loan officer and if needed to loan clients in a safe, encrypted and spam-free environment and the storage of not only the loan documents and any relevant documents that the clients need to produce, but also all relevant procedures in one place, help secure uniform, efficient and compliant performance of what is required in a timely fashion, with date stamps and full version and user history. These are but a few of the benefits of just a few of the features the Doc&Do offer that could be useful for the daily bank compliance fulfillment challenges and which would reduce the magnitude of the work.

Certainly, we feel this is quite exciting as we aim to help businesses to become more efficient and have easier operations in daily tasks within the businesses. And since banks tend to be of large magnitudes it means that the help we can bring with Doc&Do is equally large.

At a recent meeting with a major bank, we had the great pleasure to present the Doc&Do platform and our ideas were validated by the bank officers we met with. While this is very, very preliminary and doesn’t present any acceptance or endorsement from any bank to make use of the platform as of yet, we’re excited that the bank in question also found a potential of our platform to entail a possible solution to eliminate some of the pain points they have in connection with their vast work of fulfilling compliance issues and more.

Perhaps Doc&Do is the solution the banks have been missing.

Doc&Do For All Compliance and Corporate Governance Challenges

Here’s some insights to the Doc&Do platform that’s worth noting (long form, see short form further below):

Doc&Do is a Business Management Platform that allows businesses to document all their business processes and collaborate upon among employees, managers and business owners. The platform represents a great tool for safe guarding all business process information and business intellect and eliminates the intellectual property loss when a key employee leaves the business for what ever reason. It provides for a great and super flexible business management tool for daily operations for the employees in the business and an optimal tool for business owners and stake holders to stay in control and have access to relevant information and documents from any smart device, at any time and from where ever the individual may be. Relevant information is also accessible to new hires and helps cut down mistakes and learning curves and secures uniform levels of service and performance throughout the business. Outside partners also become part of the platform with guest or user rights assigned by the administrator of the business’ account in Doc&Do, so that e.g. when tax season comes around the CPA can be invited to relevant sections of the business documents and documentations in order to carry out their tasks with the least disturbance in the daily operation of the business and with the least amount of intrusion for the employees or management. Similarly access can be granted if chosen to relevant areas or specific documents to a business’ lawyers, bank connections or if needed the IRS. Vendors and clients can be invited and managed via the platform, so that for example vendors can supply their invoices to the business and that the business can supply its invoices to clients all via the platform. Doing so reduces the workflow and not least the paper flow and the amount of times each piece of document will have to be handled – as in all the processes relevant to payables, and bookkeeping of same. In other words this goes for inbound as well as for outbound actions and transactions of a business. If used throughout the business, the entire business becomes digitized automatically and the business can in fact eliminate the need for physical paperwork to pile up (as in when the business is required to safe keep the last 7 years of relevant documentation for IRS purposes). Everything is as mentioned encrypted and everything has full history of who did what and when and the Doc&Do platform allows for complete revert of single documents, files or of everything should this be necessary for whatever reason. Over time this ensures that everything is completely documented and this adds dramatically not just to the safety, efficiency and performance of the business, but also to the value of the business in case it’s being sold. By same token due diligence work in a business transaction situation becomes much more speedy, efficient and correct. Many other benefits can be found by utilization of the platform, such as e.g. handling of all quality control processes and handling and much more. The platform is completely industry non-specific and completely flexible, so only imagination sets a limit to how a business can organize itself and what benefits a business can derive from the platform. Likewise, the platform’s flexibility extends fully to how it can handle businesses of any size, making it a perfect fit for the small single location business all the way up to the multi location conglomerate, with possibly even international spread and more. Useful for the small mom-and-pop store to the multinational company, franchise operations and so on.

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Doc&Do the short form:

My business partner in Pivot Point Enterprises affectionately calls the Doc&Do:

Your Portable COO

(Chief Operational Officer)

I call it,

Your Business In Your Pocket

What will you call it?