Doc&Do Business Platform For Franchise Businesses

Doc&Do As Your Franchise Operation Manual Tool In Your Franchise Business

One of the businesses that I was managing some years back, was the franchisee for the territory of Denmark of a major international brand.

As you know, a Franchise based business can only work if it’s based on a truly well thought-out system. And it’s the repetition of that system across many, many outlets that can build not only a huge business, but also a massively successful one.

One of the most successful examples of such a business that I’m sure comes to everyone’s mind when reading this would be that of McDonald’s. McDonald’s may not sell the best burger on the market, but as a model for business it’s highly respected and one business owners across the globe envy.

It works well, due to a proven set of business systems. One that can even be handled by young adolescents. To add to that challenge, it’s a system that works well across the globe surpassing issues of cultural differences and all.

Now, the franchise business that we operated in the business that I managed back in the day, also had a system in place. I’m talking written pages upon pages on how you would handle customer interactions, dealings, sales, advertising and many other aspects of operating the business. It was very comprehensive as you might imagine.

That was all fine and dandy and it too seemed to work across the globe and across cultural divides, languages and more.

What astounds me to a great extent though is the fact that most of the information and the “How To’s” were stored in binders. Now paper filled binders are great as far as they go, but they most certainly have their challenges.

As I recall it, we only had 2 binders with the specific franchisee operating instructions for the entire company headquarters. That’s 2 binders that were shared by a staff of employees totaling in excess of 200 people. So you can imagine that even finding one of the 2 binders could sometimes present a slight challenge. Though we could have most likely gotten more, this was the situation at hand when we took over the franchise for Denmark.

We had a few other challenges with the binders. One was the issue wear and tear. When as many people as we had were using these binders, pages simply get smudged, knocked, torn, go missing and the like.
And think about how we had to update this from time to time by inserting pages and replacing others. Processes in any business should be “dynamic”. Meaning conditions, regulations, legislations and practicalities and challenges change over time and your business processes need to adjust accordingly so as to not only optimize your business, but also to ensure that your business survives. Again if I remember the process correctly the updated papers would be mailed out physically and then it was up to employees to ensure the relevant papers were changed out in the manual. This process was probably the process for their worldwide operations and franchisees – and their operations spanned pretty much the entire globe.

Granted this was in the earlier stages of the internet coming alive, and while I suspect the company in concern probably has updated their systems to utilize the speed and ease of the internet, not least what must be a hugely lessened cost of distribution, then I’m still wondering what system they have found that ensure uniform and automated implementation that also ensures that the employees of each location who need to know of any changes or new policies actually see it, read it and implement whatever changes are required.

One of the great advantages of the Doc&Do platform is that it can take care of all these steps in easy fashion. It’s what it was built for. No, we didn’t build it with franchise companies in mind, but the obvious and superlative fit soon became evident as we further developed the platform.

In other words, small, medium and even large companies can benefit greatly from the Doc&Do platform. Single location small businesses can streamline their operations and collaborate with the employees internally as well as with any outside help they may have, such as their CPA, lawyer, possible external bookkeeper and the like.

Larger companies and even very large operations, such as the franchise companies we are speaking of in this post, for whom repeatable systems and operational procedures are absolutely critical, can make excellent use of the platform. It will strengthen their operations and the way they communicate and interact with the franchisees, as well as better ensure uniformity of their business systems and brand.

Indeed speaking today with one of the country’s leading Franchise Advisory firms, they immediately took a sincere interest in the Doc&Do platform and communicated to key personnel the need for them to explore the opportunity utilizing Doc&Do in their work and in their recommendations for franchise businesses and operations.

Needless to say we at Pivot Point Enterprises are extremely excited and thankful for the opportunities that this may present to us for future business and future collaborations. We will keep you informed of the progress as it takes place and meanwhile continue to invite your business to join us on the Doc&Do platform if indeed you haven’t already done so.

Please join us and join our communication on how best to operate a business – small or large.

Doc&Do Business Platform For Franchise Businesses