You Cannot Run

A friend of mine from AdvoCare shared some insights that I thought you would find enlightening. I modified the analogy to reflect our group.

Every day, we hear or otherwise learn about people whose behavior causes them to try to avoid personal responsibility; they claim they “didn’t do it,” or that they “didn’t mean to” or they “didn’t know.” For every action – or inaction – we set into motion an eventual consequence; that consequence isn’t always immediate nor is it fully predictable, but the consequence will appear – sooner or later. If the farmer plants corn, but intended to plant watermelon, he won’t get watermelon, he’ll get precisely what he planted, regardless of his intentions or actions or excuses – or his wishes.

If someone plants a rosebush in their backyard, but the winds blow weed seeds into that same fertile soil, the rose will grow but so will the weeds; and the weeds will – over time – strangle the rose. The planter may explain that his or her intentions were good, but neglect and carelessness always sets into motion an untended consequence. “Wishing it weren’t so” doesn’t matter – we always reap what we’ve sown, whether intended or unintended; that’s a law of nature, and no amount of human excuses, explanation or rationalization makes any difference in the court of nature.

What we see is simply an issue of ‘cause and effect.’ We can try to avoid the effect, but it lingers until later, and when the effect arises, we will suffer the consequence, no matter how remorseful we may be and certainly not if we promise never to do it again; for every cause, a coming consequence.

This ‘cause and effect’ phenomenon works in all areas of our life; our actions set into motion a law of nature, and it works in our spiritual world, it works in our personal world and it works in our business world; if, for example a business owner knows the value of having a business that can run by itself, and does nothing about that but plans to in the future, the wheel of consequence begins to turn, and the seed of chaos has been sown. And now, here’s my real point; if a person ‘intends’ to catch up on and pay off all of his debt but doesn’t, there’s a coming consequence; if a person ‘meant to start’ investing part of his or her income so they can begin earning interest instead of paying it – but never gets around to it – all of the clever explanations in the world won’t make any difference. If a person builds a business but fails to document what they do and what they want others to do for them, then once again, the law is set into motion.

But ‘down the road,’ as he or she enters the autumn of their years, with a business that requires them more than they require it, the day of ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ will inevitably come. It’s best to learn – as quickly as possible – the discipline of self-responsibility!

As I read Ron’s words, I can’t help but hear all the ‘excuses’ that arise when people are challenged with rolling up their sleeves and doing the work that is required to free them of future chaos. It’s not just in processes and procedures, it’s in all areas of our life. So many of the troubles people experience are simply the consequences of the seeds they sowed back in the day when they had the energy and time to do it right, and did not. It’s not about being a good or bad person, not at all. It’s about taking the actions that are needed to ensure the seeds sown are the ones you can predict your future consequence, and that prediction is a good one.

Remember, the world doesn’t respond to Need, it responds to Seed! ~ Jim Rohn

Thank you Ron Reynolds!

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