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Why You Should Consider The Doc&Do Platform To Manage Your Business

At our outset last year when we established Pivot Point Enterprises, my business partner and our COO, Frank Curtin and I envisioned helping business owners and entrepreneurs running small to medium sized businesses.

We wanted to create an online platform for these business to manage all their business operations on. A platform on which they could document all their daily “How Tos” and procedures specifically relevant to their businesses, so that the information was safeguarded against personal accidents and loss of key employees.

A platform on which the business owners, directors and employees could collaborate on the best practices for their businesses, being able to review notes, comments and previous versions, and having the ability to invite others in to participate or simply view on a specific document level, department level or by other criteria.

Specifically aimed at making it a cloud based platform, with the strictest levels of security, but such that the information was available for those who needed it even when they were on the go, from any device and in such fashion that you could retrieve, comment on, send etc. documents on the fly as well as invite or indeed un-invite people to areas of your business.

Well, six months later and we have done just that.

We now have a fully operational tool that does all of the above, even if we still run it officially as in Beta stage. But that’s not the full story.

As we progressed with our development, our platform has evolved into something even more powerful and much more versatile than we had originally envisioned, and as we explore more and more usage, we are continuously amazed at just how well the platform can be applied to a number of different tasks and uses for all sorts of businesses, small, medium sized as well as large businesses.

Naturally we are very, very excited about this development and as we continue down the road working with more and more businesses and industries, we will learn of even more uses and learn of how the platform can bring incredible value to just about any business of any industry.

Already, we have begun exploring various uses and applications of the platform and are posting new stories of examples of use in our news feed on our website. To gain a complete view of these examples, please visit http://pivotpointenterprises.com/category/examples-of-use/

As of this writing we have posted two examples of use, being:

Using The Doc&Do Business Platform For Your Coaching Business


Doc&Do As Your Franchise Operation Manual Tool In Your Franchise Business

But many more are to follow with regular interval. We hope that you will join us on the platform and give it a go. You can get started for free so you can test it out.

Now, we do want you to get off to a great start, so if at all you get stranded about how to progress, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you and like I said, we wish for you to experience just how powerful the platform is and how exceptionally useful it will be in your business as well.

Soon to come, will be stories on:

–       How a Cafe’ is making great use of the platform for not only documenting it’s internal procedures, but also using it on tablets to help employees carry out all Front Of House operations as well as Back Of House operations in uniform and efficient manner.

–       How I, as a serial entrepreneur, board member of several companies, consultant to yet others and with activities in so many diverse companies and activities, spanning several countries even, can use the platform to stay up to date on everything relevant and always in possession of the most important pieces of information.

–       How a successful Real Estate investor runs and manages his business utilizing the platform and expands his use to include a training portal and communications avenue with student of his expertise.

–       How both Frank and I use the platform to store all our login information, passwords and other credentials, so that we always have these accessible from any device we choose, all while every bit of information is fully secured by bank level security measures.

And there will be more stories and examples as we go along and not least as we learn more from our users.

If we told you everything the platform can do for you and for your business, you most likely wouldn’t believe us. So instead the best proof is in you trying it out for yourself.

You can get started right now for free. Just go to http://www.docanddo.com and get your personal account. Remember don’t get stuck anywhere along the line, we will help you out and even get on the phone with you or show you how you can make best use of this powerful tool by us getting on a screen share together via the internet.

Once you get going, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

See you there soon.

Sincerely yours

Pivot Point Enterprises

Mikkel Pitzner


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